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Looking to accelerate your career?

On a corporate graduate program?

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Our courses, coaching and community help you to

Eliminate the guesswork in achieving success

Get promoted faster

Increase your confidence at work 

Land the permanent role you want

Please note: We currently only accept students about to join or currently on a graduate scheme

Trusted by graduates to help them achieve their career goals


Building your career isn't magic. It's a process...and it's already begun

Getting through a graduate program can be tough.  Achieving results, promotions and the prized role is a series of methodical actions, steps, processes and habits.

Graduates Anonymous will guide you through this through our courses and our community


How we accelerate your career in your first 2 years

 Proven career accelerators through on-demand lessons & exercises

Take home tools for sustained acceleration of your career

Direct and immediate guidance from peers and mentors

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Business books
"This is the course I wish I had when I started my career"

Paul Staples, Lead Instructor


You never stop learning. Graduates Anonymous provides its courses on all major media formats so you can access it where ever you need to.

It is a structured learning process with videos, worksheets, challenges and tasks.

Insider tips are included in the course, which come from 20 years of helping graduates outperform their class.

Graduates Anonymous 


POWERSHEETS for success

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.


Our graduate toolkit consists of easily customisable spreadsheets, documents, templates, checklists, trackers, roadmaps, standard operating procedures (SOP's) and more so you can focus on your career success

Email Templates

Frameworks and Wireframes


Documentation Templates

"The templates and tools that Paul has provided have helped me be effective in my job from Day 1. They are simple, customisable and even my bosses now use some of them in their careers"

Pete W

Week 1 - Challenge.jpg
Week 1 - POWERSHEET Magic Needs.png
Week 1 - POWERSHEET Fears and Excitement.png

Critical on the job action

Built by experienced professionals 
for ambitious graduates

Career Efficiency

Reusable tools and methods

Day 1 to Month 24 execution

Structured and Simplified

This proven corporate graduate course has launched successful corporate careers at companies like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, GSK and BBC over the past 20 years. 

Many have outperformed their peers to directorships, VP's, by up to 5 years.  

It encompasses all the lessons of the corporate graduate value-chain

that corporates assume you know or have, and then ignore.  

Graduate Programs have a hidden recipe for success,

and Graduates Anonymous will share that with you.

7 weeks of lessons

Critical tools

Learn at your pace

The Course: An Insider's Guide to your corporate graduate program

Course Instructors

Here's what our students say...

Tom, London (Banking)

"Thanks to Paul and his coaching I was able to anticipate so much more about my graduate program, and be effective so much quicker than I thought I could"

Chloe, London (Tech)

“I'd never worked in an office or been part of a big company. Paul's course helped me land quickly making the right impressions. It is the best preparation for a grad program anyone can do"

Laura, Manchester (Retail)

“I used Paul's course to help understand what was expected of me in my program and to give me a head start.  There's a lot courses don't tell you, but thankfully Paul did!.”

Our Pricing Plans


Insider's Guide to your Graduate Career

0 to 100 on your program


per month for 6months

Cancel Anytime

100% Money Back Guarantee

Access to all Powersheets and Templates

Webinars with experts from leading FTSE and SAP companies

Quarterly hotspot sessions


1-2-1 Insider

 2x 30mins per month

up to 8 students in dedicated groups sessions with Paul 

£140 per month

cancel when you want

Interactive group sessions with Paul

+ Everything in Insider's Guide to your Graduate Career

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions, no matter how small or large then don't be afraid to reach out.

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