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Graduates Anonymous is proud to support the members of GradBay in their career journey.

Why the support ?

We understand that job hunting can be overwhelming, especially for recent graduates looking to enter the corporate world. That's why we have created the 'Insider's Guide to Your Graduate Job,' an 8-week e-learning course designed to be completed at your own pace.
Led by seasoned corporate leaders with over 20 years of experience, our course provides you with soft skills, technical know-how, and tips and tricks to help accelerate your careers, operate effectively, and be confident in your jobs. We'll help you stand out in the competitive job market and understand what it takes to excel in your new role.
To support you in your first weeks on the job, we're offering GradBay members an exclusive free Powersheet to focus on the key things you need to do. And as a special thank you, we're offering GradBay members a 20% discount on our 8-week course.

Lets cut to the chase

Insider's Guide to your Graduate Career

0 to 100 on your program
per months for 6months
Includes VAT



Monthly payment options available

Cancel Anytime

100% Money Back Guarantee

Access to all Powersheets

Lifetime access to GA Community after 6 Months (Live Q4 2023)

Webinars with experts

Quarterly hotspot sessions

20% off! 
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Your Guide to Crushing Your First Week at a New Job as a Graduate!

Take the first step towards your successful career with Graduates Anonymous. Sign up now and let us help you stand out, feel confident, and initiate your career on the right foot. 

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